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FOR NEWBIES WHAT  IS BLV.ME? is a very link locker used to protect and shorten any url whether it's a download, video or a password while making big money in the process.  
You just have to paste the link you want to protect, chose the category and generate a protected link like this one   you can share with your friends.
When somebody wants to download the item they will be required to complete a short free survey. Once the survey is completed they will be redirected to a link you've protected and your account will be credited with some money. You get up to $10 each time somebody unlocks one of your links, depending on the country that person is from and which survey they decide to complete. For more ideas on making money with and a longer explanation please download our ebook.

Every time someone is directed to this URL they are asked to choose from a list of surveys to complete, in order to see the content of your web page, download a file, etc (whatever your locked URL is).  Once they complete the very quick survey, you will receive money in your account (anywhere from $0.20 to $10.00 per survey).  . 
Here is a exemple: (This is an ebook teaching how  to make $50 a day in 7 easy steps).

Payments are made via Bank transfer, Payza or Skrill

BLV.ME EARNING POTENTIAL has some of the highest payouts you will see. Most of our competitors offer between $5 and $50 per 1000 downloads or visitors. With  you will be able to make up to $1000 per 1000 downloads assuming that you get paid only $1 per download!

At that point, we have to quickly review the main ways to cash out with In fact there are two main ways to make money with
1- You can spread the word about and get 5% of your referral earnings for life. To do this all you need is to register if you have not done so already and share your personal referral link with anyone who might be interested in making money online. You can find your referral link in your control panel and it should look something like this
 (That’s mine!)
This method is great because you can start earning money on autopilot without putting much effort into it. For example if you get 15 people to sign up and they earn $50 per week, you will be paid
10% of whatever they earn so that works out arround  $40 going your way every week without you doing any work. Some people earn over $1000 every day (Very achievable!). Imagine if one of your referrers starts earning this much. You will get $50/day from just one person.
Just think about some hot stuff that a lot of people would search for and download it.
2- Here is an secret FREE ebook to skyrocket your earnings in no time => CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

It reveals 30+ precious methods. I should recommend to select 5 to 7 methods you are comfortable with and then focus on those methods one by one, one after the other. Just schedule them and follow the methods step by step.  You will be amazed how easily and fast you will be making big bucks.
The over benefits of those methods is that you can implement them with Sharecash,, or Linkbucks for the same amazing results.
At the end of that eBook you will also find 8 valuable methods to get referrals in no time.
Thanks for signing up with my referral link here if you already didn’t
Thanks for reading and happy earnings! :)
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